On the first weekend of September in 1916, Clyde Cessna announced and began his move to Wichita, Kansas — where he would build the first airplanes ever built in the city.

They would be the first of a quarter-million aircraft to be built in Wichita over the next 100 years. Cessna — who, in Oklahoma in 1911, became the first pilot/plane-maker of the Great Plains — soon moved his operations to Wichita, where he would build planes, fly exhibitions, and train new pilots. Starting with Cessna, Wichita aviation — after the suspension forced by World War I — soon exploded in all directions, igniting new enterprises and ideas throughout the city, county, and state –creating an aviation industry, (the city’s largest industry, and Kansas’s largest industry after agriculture), which has become legendary worldwide — supplying flight to the world. 

Starting with the 100th Anniversary Month — September 2016 — the historic, year-long Wichita Aviation Centennial will organize, conduct and support Wichita-area commemorations of the city’s biggest and most spectacular industry.

Your participation and support are needed to bring alive the past — and illuminate the future — of the high-tech industry that makes Wichita famous around the globe.

Join the Centennial Boosters, participate in Centennial Events, and share the story of Wichita’sleading role in the world’s most dynamic industry.