We don’t do it alone. The Kansas Aviation Centennial celebration is made possible by people— ordinary or powerful — who not only participate, but who HELP us plan, organize, prepare, conduct & support the KAC’s state-wide commemoration of our state’s most spectacular industry.

If you believe Kansans should…

  • Celebrate our aviation heritage,
  • Learn the lessons of 
      Kansas Aviation’s 
      extraordinary history, 
  • Grow in our knowledge 
      of Kansas & aviation,

…we ask YOU to join these Kansas community heroes who have rolled up their sleeves, gotten out their wallet, opened their doors, loaned us a month, week, day or hour of their time, or simply answered the call for their participation through communications. To thank them, JOIN them! 
To join them, call 371-9079, and ask for the KAC’s “Chief Booster.”